Spec Sheet:

Precision Mechanical Applications



Manipulate and control your well

The PrecisionKickover is used in combination with the PrecisionStroker to install and retrieve valves in side pocket mandrels, improving both the tool orientation and kick over mechanisms in highly deviated and horizontal wellbores.


• Retrieval and installation of valves inside pocket mandrels

Key Features

• Real time confirmation of the retrieval and installation
• Precise positioning - correlation with CCL
• Improved tool orientation
• Reinforced kickover mechanism
• Modification kits for SLB OM-1 /OM-5 series
• Modification kits for Weatherford KOT-1 / 2 series
• Combinable with PowerTrac®  for conveyance


• Improved reliability and operational efficiency in highly deviated wells


Service Name

Modified KOT

Available sizes3.50”/4.50”/5.50”/7.00”
Pressure rating20,000 psi / 1,379 bar
Temperature rating177°C / 350°F

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