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Precision Mechanical Applications



Manipulate and control your well

The PrecisionStroker is the primary tool in the Completion Manipulation service portfolio. It anchors in the casing/tubing and applies bi-directional axial forces to the appropriate manipulation tool to install, retrieve and manipulate completion components. The Hi-Strength option is designed specifically to support fishing operations or for manipulation of completion components that are not shifting as per their specified force. 


  • Valve manipulation (gas lift valves, sliding sleeves, formation isolation valves)
  • Retrievable bridge plug pulling
  • Other linear actuating applications (stackable straddles, breaking ceramic discs, etc.)
  • The Hi-Strength option provides a high force level necessary to target the recovery of stuck tools, re-enabling lost wellbore access


Key Features

  • E-Line conveyed, powered device
  • Unlimited number of strokes cycles
  • Mechanism ensures stroke position is maintained even after powerdown
  • Real-time monitoring and control of applied force and positioning
  • Bi-directional stroke with positioning system resolution of +/- 0.04inches/1mm
  • Pad anchoring device provides even and reduced pressure on tubing
  • Progressive anchoring force proportional to magnitude of push/pull on completion component
  • Extra high pulling force option for fishing operations



  • Run standalone in vertical wells and combinable with PowerTrac® for conveyance in higher deviations
  • Ideal for precision shifting procedures, due to downhole stroke force and position control (+/- 1mm)
  • Superior manoeuvrability due to independent anchor control
  • High operational efficiency; due to unlimited number of strokes per run in the well and electrical feed through, allowing e-Line tools to confirm in real-time the impact of component manoeuvre
  • The Hi-Strength option provides increased mission target certainty during fishing applications due to its high force capability combined with its real-time monitoring and control of applied force and positioning and unlimited number of strokes

PrecisionStroker Specifications

 TOOL Name

PrecisionStroker 212

Multi-Range Slips

PrecisionStroker 318

*Multi-Range Slips 331
**Multi-Range Slips 390


**Multi-Range Slips 390

Tool OD2.50 inches / 63.5 mm

*3.31 inches / 84.0 mm

**3.90 inches / 99.1 mm

3.90 inches / 99.1 mm
Minimum Setting ID2.625 inches / 66.6 mm

*3.432 inches / 87.2 mm

**4.027 inches / 102.3 mm

4.027inches / 102.3 mm
Maximum Setting ID14.09 inches / 2103.9 mm

*5.000 inches / 2127.0 mm

**6.60 inches / 2167.6 mm

6.60 inches / 2167.6 mm
Maximum bi-directional force314,300 lbs / 6.5 tons428,000 - 35,500 lbs 
412.7 - 16.1 tons

Stroke in force    55,000 lbs/25 tons

Stroke out force 40,000 lbs/18 tons
Stroke length20.0 inches / 508 mm520.0 inches / 508 mm20.0 inches / 508 mm
Stroke position resolution+/- 0.04 inches / +/- 1 mm+/- 0.04 inches / +/- 1 mm+/- 0.04 inches / +/- 1 mm
Electrical feed-throughNoYesNo
Pressure rating15,000 psi / 1,034 bar15,000 psi / 1,034 bar15,000 psi / 1,034 bar
Temperature rating177°C / 350°F177°C / 350°F177°C / 350°F


*  Multi-Range Slips 331 fitted to PrecisionStroker 318

** Multi-Range Slips 390 fitted to PrecisionStroker 318

1 Mono-Range Slips are custom built to when extended setting ID is required below a restriction.
   Maximum setting ID dependant on completion geometry

2 Maximum setting ID increases by using extension kits on Multi Range Slips

3 Maximum force can be increased upon customer demand, dependant on well conditions and geometry

4 Maximum bi-directional force dependant on well conditions

5 Extended Stroke length kit available for PrecisionStroker 318 (40 inches / 1,0016 mm)


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