Spec Sheet:

Precision Access & Recovery



The PrecisionSwage is designed to aid the repair of a collapsed completion component, tubing or casing, re-enabling component functionality and/or wellbore access. Run in conjunction with a PrecisionStroker, it is designed to self-orientate and enter the top end of a collapsed item. Upon tagging the item, the stroker would be anchored and activated (stroked out), pushing the swage into the collapse section and in doing so opening it up sufficiently to enable a subsequent PrecisionExpander operation to be carried out to fully re-shape the collapse.


  • Repair of collapsed completion component, tubing or casing
  • The first stage of a multi run repair operation


  • Self-aligning swage (with aligning nose and incorporated swivel)
  • E-line deployed device, with real-time stroke force and distance measurement and control available


  • In-well repair solution, minimizing time, cost and repair risk
  • Precise and controlled repair, light on logistics, footprint, and personnel


25.98 in  (660 mm)

Swage length1

13.78 in  (350 mm)

Swage angle1

10 degrees

Pressure rating

15,000 psi (1,034 bar)

Temperature rating

350° F (177° C)

1Swages with alternate dimensions can be manufactured as required.
An advanced version of the PrecisionSwage incorporating select sensors for enhanced in-well visibility and control can also be provided.

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