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PRIME Compact Series

Part of the PRIME digital electro-hydraulic intervention technology platform.

PRIME Compact Tractor

The PRIME Compact Tractor brings PRIME capabilities to a 3-3/8” OD Tractor architecture. This while utilizing the high degree of instrumentation and advances that PRIME provides in regard to mechanical, hydraulic, and electronic componentry, as well as software, analytics and visualization. Real-time adjustment and control to optimize tool performance for the conditions encountered while in the well is fully maintained, with yet additional features and benefits available on a shorter, sturdier tool body dimension.

Higher power/speed tractoring is delivered from this compact tractor, leveraging the increased tool OD to deliver a 4-wheel drive section configuration of 3-3/8” wheels. This provides a tractor length reduction of 33% when compared to a 2-1/2” PRIME Tractor of comparable drive section configuration. This enables access to deviated wells where rig up height is an issue hampering tool string deployment.


  • Tractor deployment on wellsites having restricted rig up height
  • Deployment optimization for long toolstring payloads
  • Long interval perforation operations



  • PRIME instrumentation and multiple sensors providing tool and task parameter intelligence
  • An open IOT architecture and high-speed telemetry supporting real-time communication for tool task management
  • Dynamic, in-well optimization of speed, force, torque and power delivery across the tractor and application tools:
  • Downhole logic and tool control
  • Highly efficient motor controllers
  • Hydraulic steering
  • Modular and scalable versatility for plug-and-play field configurability, enabling tool integration & combinability for single run/multifunction operations
  • Tension/Compression subs can be added, both above and below the Tractor
  • Integral field joint in top section for extreme rig-up conditions e.g. working in cellar decks



  • Enabler for limited rig up height operations
  • Increased mechanical task efficiency, capability and certainty

PRIME Compact Stroker/Tractor

The PRIME Compact Series 3-3/8” OD tool architecture provides benefits far beyond just a shorter tractor length. Integrated combinability and control of other key powered mechanical componentry is achieved, optimizing multi-function toolstring lengths.
In the case of the PRIME Compact Stroker/Tractor, this benefits intervention operations impacted by rig-up height constraints. Executing stroker operations in deviated wells, be that for completion manipulation workscope, or for planned or precautionary fishing purposes, can now be achieved by a toolstring of overall shorter length.


  • Completion manipulation or stroker fishing services on wellsites with restricted rig up height
  • Providing multi-function toolstring of minimal string length



  • Pad anchors with progressive anchoring force proportional to the magnitude of stroker push/pull force
  • Independent stroke and anchor control
  • Real-time monitoring and control of applied stroke force and positioning
  • Bi-directional 32.5k lbs stroke force capability
  • Stroke position resolution of +/- 0.04 inches (1 mm)
  • High degree of instrumentation and multiple sensors providing tool and task parameter intelligence
  • Unlimited number of stroke cycles, with self-locking actuator
  • Electrical feed through allowing powered tools and/or sensors to be run below
  • Seamless and concurrent operation of Tractor arms and wheels, and Stroker linear actuator and anchor
  • Integral field joint in top section for extreme rig-up conditions e.g. working in cellar decks
  • Full Stroker/Tractor string designed for single lift during rig-up


  • Enabler for mechanical intervention operations with limited rig up height
  • Allows integration of precautionary fishing capability within operating toolstring
  • Increased mechanical task efficiency, capability and certainty

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