Spec Sheet:

Tractor Conveyance

PRIME™ Technology Platform

A new, digitally enabled electro-hydraulic well intervention technology platform – delivering a transformation in performance, capability and control across eline deployed tractor conveyance and powered mechanical applications. 


  • Long lateral, extended reach horizontal well conveyance of eline deployed technologies (logging tools, ballistic devices, powered mechanical services)
  • Intricate and/or complex mechanical intervention, namely rotational services (debris or component milling) and high expansion completion component manipulation

Key Features

  • High degree of instrumentation and multiple sensors providing tool and task parameter intelligence
  • An open IOT architecture and high-speed telemetry for real-time communication for tool task management
  • Dynamic, in-well optimization of speed, force, torque and power delivery across the tractor and application tools: Downhole logic and tool control, highly efficient motor controllers and hydraulic steering
  • Modular and scalable versatility for plug-and-play field configurability, enabling tool integration & combinability for single run / multifunction operations
  • Inherent tandem tractor functionality and reverse tractoring capability


  • 3 x times faster conveyance speeds
  • Increased mechanical task efficiency, capability and certainty
  • Reduced operational risk and field logistics

PowerTrac PRIMETM – inherently designed to provide optimized tractor conveyance over a wide range of payload types, wellbore dimension and trajectory environments.  The modular design allows the user to select and operate features that are optimum to encountered well conditions and operational needs.  The high degree of instrumentation coupled with advances in mechanical, hydraulic and electronic componentry, as well as software, analytics and visualization, allows the engineer to fine tune tool performance (speed, force, power) as required during the operation.


Example Configuration*
5 Drive Sections

Tool Body Outer Diameter2.5" (63.5mm)
Wheel Diameter2.5" (63.5mm) & 2.625" (66.8)
Minimum Restriction ID2.625" (66.8mm) for 2.5" Wheels
2.75" (69.9mm) for 2.625" Wheels
Maximum Operating ID9.2" (233 mm)
Pull Force11375lbs (625kg)
Max. Speed2120ft/min (36m/min)
Total Length22.5ft (6.84m)
Weight245 lbs (111kg)
Pull Force/Length61 lbs/ft (91.4kg/m)
Pressure Rating15,000 psi (1035 Bar)
Temperature Rating350oF (177oC)

* The number of drive sections can be increased or reduced, and operated selectively or simultaneously.

1 Pull Force can be increased by adding additional drive sections. Max Pull Force 3300 lbs (1500 KG) .

2 Maximum speed reported from actual field operational data. Maximum speed is determined by the specific drive section configuration in use, the well trajectory and tortuosity, and the eline cable properties. 

Suitable for ballistic operations through the addition of an API RP67 compliant Safety Sub



DDR PRIMETM – a new high torque Direct Drive Rotation device providing rotational power to downhole applications. Higher mechanical power is made available for milling services, with on-the-fly high fidelity intelligent control removing the need for any shop pre-set requirements. Dynamic in-well monitoring enhances the visibility and understanding of the ongoing operation. Adjustments of milling parameters are made by the user (or controlled by downhole intelligence) to suit the conditions encountered. Active stall control delivers continuous torque management and eliminates inefficient tool reactivation requirements.



Tool Body Outer Diameter2.5" (63.5mm)3.35" (85mm)
Length7.8ft (2.4m)7.6ft (2.3m)
Pressure Rating15,000 psi (1035 Bar)
Temperature Rating350oF (177o C)

RPM and Torque are set and adjusted in real-time, and further optimised using an assortment of gears selected for the specific operation being executed.

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