Spec Sheet:

Barriers & Isolation



The PrimeBasket™ is a permanent non-elastomer cement foundation set with any industry standard long stroke setting tool, either on Slick Line, E-Line, or Coiled Tubing. The PrimeBasket™ incorporated features ensure: high expansion capability; instant setting, allowing for X-flow applications; solid anchoring to the tubular wall by the bi-directional slips; and full circumference coverage off the tubular wall by metal petal overlap.


•Wellbore Exit Fundament/Whipstock Fundament
•Zonal Isolation
•Slot Recovery
•Plug & Abandonment 



• Slim OD
• Large Expansion (OD=2.1” can be set in 9 5/8” casing)
• Bi-directional slips
• Self-centralizing
• No elastomer seals


• Solid anchoring
• Full circumference metal to metal coverage of the tubular wall
• Set on industry standard long stroke setting tools
• Ensures accuracy of cement placement
• Can be set in X-flow
• Open and cased hole
• 400DegF maximum temperature


Product CodeTool OD (inch)Casing Range Max - Min (inch)Load (lbs)
X3M210960PPA2.109 5/8 - 815,000
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