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Barriers & Isolation



The PrimeHanger™ is a nipple-less retrievable gauge hanger with high expansion capability and high load capacity. The slim design of the PrimeHanger™ ensures low pressure drop and minimal influence on the wellbore flow. The PrimeHanger™ requires low setting force and can be set using industry standard setting tools conveyed on Slick line, E-line and/or Coil Tubing. It can be placed on top of equipment left or lost in hole ensuring the equipment stays in place.


  • Anchor for downhole sampling tools (fluid sampling and/or P&T sampling)
  • Anchor for perforating guns
  • Anchoring solution for lost or abandoned objects in well



  • Slim OD
  • High Expansion
  • High load capacity
  • Bi-directional slips
  • Self-centralising



  • Low flow restriction enabling better quality data to be recorded during production and injection conditions
  • Solid anchoring
  • Set on industry standard setting tools
  • Can be run on Slick Line, E-Line or Coiled Tubing
  • Can be set in X-flow
  • 400DegF max temperature
  • Up to 40% H2S


Product CodeTool OD (inch)Tubing Range Max-MinLoad (lbs)
X3M185450RGD-CK1.854.5 - 3.510,000
X3M185550RGD1.855.5 - 4.510,000
X3M185700RGD-CK1.857 - 610,000
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