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Barriers & Isolation

Pump Open Sub


The Pump Open Sub is used in conjunction with the PrimePlug™ to equalise differential pressure, without the use of mechanical equipment, by increasing well head pressure. At a predetermined pressure, the valve will open and allow fluid to circulate through the plug. The pressure required to open the valve must be higher than the sum of pressure below the plug and the pre-set shear screw value. The valve can also be manually equalised by using a prong to shear an integrated equalising screw (knock-off rod). This option is not affected by pressure differential. Our Pump Open Valve is rated for 6500 psi differential pressure and a maximum temperature of 150 ̊C.


  • Temporary well suspension, pre-installed barrier plug deployed with tubing
  • Used as a barrier to set hydraulic set packers, or other completion equipment without the use of nipple profiles
  • Mechanical barrier during wellhead removal/maintenance



  • ISO14310/API 11D1 V3 qualified
  • 6500psi pressure differential
  • 150DegC maximum temperature
  • Back-up mechanical equalising option



  • Multiple setting values, 500psi increments (6500psi maximum)
  • Suits existing PrimePlug™ portfolio
  • Can be retrofitted to suit existing Lock Mandrel and/or Equalising Assemblies
  • Minimises wireline runs
  • Shear value not affected by differential pressure from below


Pressure over5.000 psi345 bar
Pressure below6.500 psi448 bar
Maximum Temperature300°F150°C
Minimum Temperature39°F4°C
Maximum pump open differential pressure5.000 psi/345 bar + pressure below plug
Minimum pump open differential pressure500 psi/34.5 bar + pressure below plug


Shear DeviceSequenceForce DirectionTotal Force (metric tons)Max QuantityMaterial
Shear ScrewPump OpenDown0.510Brass
Equalising ScrewBackup equalisingDown11AISI 4140 80ksi
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