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Coiled Tubing & Pumping

Pumping Services


Using some of the industry's most modern pumping units, we offer a full range of fluid pumping equipment to perform a variety of pressure pumping services. Our fleet includes a wide variety of triplex pumps, chemical transfer pumps, centrifugal pumps and a full range of tanks and ancillary items to support operations.


  • Fluid pumping operations
  • Scale squeeze and delivery of chemical treatments
  • Chemical transfer services
  • Both low pressure and high pressure options


  • All diesel and electric powered pumps are soundproofed and built to highest standards
  • Split unit design available for weight restricted lifts
  • Commonly location bulkhead connections for easy access
  • Wide array of tank sizes to suit operational requirements
  • Ancillary pumping equipment such as specialist choke manifolds, filter units, mixing and blending equipment also available



  • Safe position of diesel fill points, reduced working at height
  • Larger pumps are containerised with open out doors for maintenance access
    Many tanks incorporate ladders and hand guard rails for safe access



Triplex pumping packages

Zone II units with capacity from 0.1bbs to 16bbls / min

Scale inhibition pumps

Zone II diesel driven units for full control with built in hydraulics system for auxiliary equipment


Various size fluid tanks from 35bbls to 250bbls.  Acid tanks also available.


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