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Cased-Hole Logging

Quartz Pressure & Casing Collar Locator

Quartz Pressure & Casing Collar Locator

Depth correlation and pressure measurement. The QPC is a short combination tool consisting of two sensors: a quartz pressure sensor and a CCL (Casing Collar Locator).



The CCL is a depth correlation tool. The tool responds to changes in tubing metal volume, and can detect collars and indicate perforations or damage. The pressure sensor consists of a quartz crystal and is used for downhole flowing and shut-in pressure measurements. The QPS is also a quartz sensor measuring the wellbore pressure. The tool is used as a second pressure sensor in the toolstring and has the same specifications as the pressure sensor in the QPC-tool.




  • Depth correlation
  • Location of severe casing or tubing damage
  • Confirmation of perforation depths
  • Combinable with other GE Ultrawire™ tools
  • Memory or surface read-out operation

Pressure data can be used to:

  • Determine the efficiency of the well and the performance of the reservoir
  • Convert flow rates from down hole to surface conditions
  • Monitor well stability
  • Estimate density (fluid identification)






Pressure Accuracy± 0.2% FS
Pressure Resolution< 0.008psi
Pressure Response< 1 sec for 99.5%
Pressure Drift< 3psi/year
Temperature Accuracy± 0.15°C/± 0.27°F
Temperature Resolution< 0.005 °C/< 0.009 °F
Maximum Pressure1030 bar/15,000psi
Maximum Temperature177 °C/350 °F

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