Spec Sheet:

Wire & Cable Deployment

Real-time Slickline (RtS)

Real-time slickline (RtS) combines the flexibility, strength and efficiency of traditional slickline with the live data streaming capability of electric line – supporting our client demands for immediate decision making during well intervention operations.  Using cutting edge RtS technology we can locate and quantify problems faster and more effectively, allowing us to facilitate solutions.  When delivered by our multi-disciplined crews RtS achieves more by maximizing the capability and efficiency of equipment and people to enhance operational delivery.


  • Mechanical wireline operations
  • Real-time:  Production logging
  •      Barriers and isolation
  •      Perforation and ballistics


  • Control, monitor and assess live data from downhole operations
  • Real-time operational risk reduction 
  • Bi-directional communications
  • Continuous and accurate depth correlation and measurement
  • Safer and more cost effective pressure control 


  • Lighter on logistics and equipment
  • Reduced rig-up time, removes requirement to change between slickline and e-line systems
  • Reduced HSE risk
  • Immediate decision making
  • Strength and efficiency of 0.125” slickline while allowing real-time data communication
  • Deployed by the Altus integrated multidisciplined crew reduces POB while maximising operational efficiency

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