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Precision Mechanical Applications

Release Sub System

Release Sub SYSTEM

Intelligent release mechanism

The Release Sub System (RSS) is designed for controlled release of stuck toolstrings. When placed at the top of the tool string in place of conventional cable head weak points, heavier toolstrings can be safely run thus reducing the number of runs required. The RSS is activated by surface command or in memory mode, enabling controlled release even with damaged cable.


  • Logging toolstrings in cased and open hole
  • Can be combined with PowerTrac® conveyance toolstrings or PrecisionStroker pulling and fishing toolstrings



  • Surface controlled release
  • Release mechanism controlled via downhole lithium battery
  • Memory mode
  • Multiple RSS can be combined in the toolstring
  • Timer release on pre-programmed parameters - temperature, time, head voltage and motion detection
  • Timer can be reset as often as necessary during running in hole (assuming wireline integrity)



  • Can release even if cable is damaged
  • QHSE; reduces personnel exposure to cable breakage at surface due to high overpull
  • Improved operational efficiency; less runs, increased measurements per run
  • More efficient retrieval/fishing due to clean fishing neck after release


Service Name

Release Sub
System 218

Release Sub System 318

Tool body OD

2.125 inches/54.0mm

3.125 inches/79.5mm


3.41 ft./1.04m

3.9 ft./1.19m

Minimum restriction ID

2.250 inches/57.2 mm

3.250 inches/82.8 mm

Pressure rating

15,000 psi/1,034 bar

15,000 psi/1,034 bar

Temperature rating

177 °C/350 °F

177 °C/350 °F

Fish neck

1.38 inches/35.1mm

1.75 inches//44.5mm


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