Spec Sheet:

Cased-Hole Logging

S100 Point System Sensor

Leaks in the primary barrier of a well can reduce well performance and potentially lead to safety and environmental issues due to loss of integrity. An active leak across a barrier creates acoustic energy, and the S100 sensor harnesses the ultrasonic components to precisely identify and locate its depth. The properties of ultrasound allow continuous logging passes to be made, achieving rapid location diagnoses, even where low-rate or multiple leaks are present.


The S100 sensor is able to identify leaks in the primary tubular barrier and associated completion equipment. A clear log response allows rapid interpretation and the properties of ultrasound bring precise determination of the depth of the leak. Even with the well flowing the S100’s advanced technology makes it sensitive to a very wide range of leak rates, meaning that multiple leaks of varying size may be detected in a single pass for a complete evaluation of integrity.



  • Leak detection in tubing and packers
  • Leak detection in completion components such as SSD, SPM, GLM
  • Post-remediation verification



  • Fast, accurate location of single or multiple leaks
  • Sensitive to a wide range of leak rates
  • Precise depth location
  • Wells can be diagnosed while flowing, allowing hard-to-find leaks to be revealed
  • Flexible deployment options: real-time and memory

In a complex well, sustained A annulus pressure may be the result of a leak in any one of many components including items of jewellery or packers. A single run with the S100 sensor as part of a LeakPoint® survey clearly reveals the location of the leak.



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