Spec Sheet:

Coiled Tubing & Pumping

Treating Iron


We hold an extensive inventory of treating iron, HP and LP hose packages and associated ancillary equipment required for the safe and effective provision of service.  All relevant equipment meets current legislative requirements including PED (Pressure Equipment Directive).


  • Flexible packages can be supplied to suit operations on an item or package basis as required


  • All equipment is housed in containers for ease of manual handling and safe storage of all components
  • All items are separately identified by use of a stainless steel identification band with unique identification details including pressure, size, rating and weight
  • All items over 25kg are identified with a yellow stripe as per our manual handling guidelines to alert the company and other personnel



  • Full specification available including H2S, 10,000psi rated and 15,000psi rated equipment
  • Specialist items can be provided via our suppliers if needed





1”, 2” 1502, 3” 1502 and 4” 206 

Various items include

Straights, x-overs, pup joints, swivels, plug valves, PRVs, Tee, Elbows, Turbine Flowmeters, Variable chokes, Choke manifolds, hoses, specialist items

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