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Cased-Hole Logging

X-Y Production Dual Caliper

X-Y Production Dual Caliper

Inner tubing diameter measurements

X-Y Production Dual Caliper (PDC). The X-Y caliper provides simultaneous measurements in the X and Y axis, resulting in an accurate assessment of the geometry of the tubular being logged.


Key Features

· Determination of X-Y diameters in horizontal wells
· Correction of spinner derived fluid velocity for varying
completion diameter
· Detection of serious deformation or corrosion
· Detection of scale build-up
· Depth correlation
· Combinable with other GE Ultrawire™ tools
· Memory or surface read-out operation

Technical Information

Service Name


Length952.5 mm / 37.5 in
Weight6.6 kg / 14.5 lbs
OD43 mm / 1.688 in
Accuracy @ 150°C2.5 mm / 0.1 in
Maximum pressure1030 bar / 15000 psi
Maximum temperature177 °C / 350 °F


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