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Retrievable Bridge Plugs

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Retrievable Bridge Plugs


An ISO14310 / API-11D1 V0 qualified high integrity seal retrievable bridge plug with unique equalising modes and backup retrieval features that ensures it can be set in and retrieved from high debris environment wells. It can be run with an integral Junk Catcher for increased debris management.

Permanent Plugs


A permanent non-elastomer cement fundament, designed to position and hold a cement plug in a well.  High expansion capability enables through tubing deployment, and instant setting allows for X-flow applications. The PrimeBasket™ is set using industry standard long stroke setting tools, deployed on Slickline, E-Line or Coiled Tubing.

Setting Tools & Accessories

Setting Tools

Selection of setting tools activated by memory if deployed by Slickline or Coiled Tubing, or in real-time if deployed by E-line or E-coil.

Pump Open Subs

A valve sub designed to run in conjunction with a bridge plug providing an additional equalising facility that can be activated prior to plug retrieval, or enabling subsequent injection/production through the plug. 


A high load capacity hanger for temporary placement of P/T gauges, with a slim design enabling ability to pass through wellbore restrictions and ensuring minimum obstruction to wellbore fluid flow. It can be set in wells using industry standard setting tools deployed on Slickline, E-line or Coiled Tubing. The PrimeHanger™ can also be placed on top of equipment left/lost in hole ensuring the equipment remains in place over time.

Integrated In-Well Tooling

The ability to combine the PrimePlug with other tools to enable multi operations with one run in hole.

Seal with Integrity, retrieve with certainty


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