Precision Mechanical Applications

Wellbore Cleanout, Completion Manipulation, Wellbore Access & Recovery

Wellbore Cleanout: Scale Milling
Manipulation: Gas Lift Valve Replacement
Access & Recovery: PrecisionExpander

Services & Technologies

Precision Cleanout

Debris Milling

Removal of hard deposits on tubing wall. Cuttings to be removed by flow, injection of well fluid or left in rathole. 


Removal of medium hard to soft deposits on tubing wall.


Polishing of completion component seal bore to restore sealability.

Suction Collection

Loose debris and junk, located in complex geometries. Collection by suspending particles in the well fluid for transportation and filtration in the collection chambers. All well deviation.

Auger Collection

Hard, loose and viscous material.  Mechanical debris collection for all well deviations.  

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Precision Manipulation

Valve or Sliding Sleeve Manipulation

Selective Opening/Closing of valves and adjustment of sleeves using an electrohydraulic stroker device combined with the relevant shifting tool.

Plug Setting and Pulling

Deployment and removal of temporary plugs via slickline or E-Line. Plugs set with battery or real time initiated ballistic devices or electromechanical tools.

Side Pocket Mandrel Manipulation

Installation or retrieval of valves into a side pocket mandrel in deviated wells.

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Precision Access & Recovery

Component Expansion

Repair of damaged or slightly collapsed completion components or tubulars, re-instating functionality or re-enabling production flow, injectivity or wellbore access.

Ceramic Disk Breakage

Precise breakage of ceramic plugs and rupture discs at high deviation, typically installed in production tubing for reservoir isolation.

Pipe Cutting

Third party downhole electric cutting tool for precise cutting of well tubulars and mandrels.

Profile Milling

Milling removal of the unrequired nipple or valve seat profiles, or tubing or sleeve enlargement, enabling completion restriction ID enlargement.

Valve Milling

Milling removal of malfunctioned or stuck completion flapper or ball valves, re-enabling production flow, injectivity, or wellbore access for subsequent intervention.

Plug Milling

Milling removal of a malfunctioned retrievable plug or a permanent Plug or Packer, re-enabling production flow, injectivity, or wellbore access for subsequent intervention.

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Drive & Rotation Support

Drive Support


Surface set driven or free rolling anchor for weight-on-bit selection. 

Multi-Configuration Tractor

In-well anchor adjustment for weight-on-bit selection, enabling reciprocal tool motion of e-line POOH without powering down tractor. Accelerometer support for PMA tool performance diagnostics.

Multi-Mode Drive

Optimal conveyance speed and anchor mode, seamless weight-on-bit selection control, reverse drive and simultaneous bit/mill rotation. Accelerometer to support PMA tool performance diagnostics.

Rotation Support

Standard Direct Drive Rotation (DDR)

Direct electric device to create rotational movement/torque Current consumption used to estimate tool torque based on characterized values from tests.

Instrumented DDR

Direct electric device to create rotational movement/torque. Direct tool torque RPM readout.

Conveyance Safety

Release System ART/MRT

Surface controlled release device in event of stuck toolstring. Can run multiple devices in single string.

Release Sub System RSS

As ART but with fail-safe release even if cable communication is lost, with back up battery supply.


Fixed Body Fluted Centralisers

Fixed diameter centralisers providing internal wall stand-off and a low tolerance centralisation, fluted to enable fluid pass flow.

Blade Spring Centralisers

Spring loaded variable centralisers, providing high tolerance centralisation across a range of tubing or well ID.

Orientation Sub
Hole Opener
Switching Sub



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