Tractor Conveyance

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PowerTrac PRIME
Tractor Conveyance: Cased Hole
Tractor Conveyance: Open Hole

Services & Technologies

Power to robustly convey downhole technology
Additional instrumentation for enhanced conveyance control
Advance features to perform complex and multi tool operations

Drive Package

Standard Drive

Electrohydraulic fully independent all wheel drive to reliably convey across varying highly deviated or horizontal well ID profiles.

Select Drive

As standard drive, with in-well speed/force optimisation capability.

Multi-Mode Drive

As standard drive with in-well speed/force optimisation capability and with full telemetry control of drive section.


Conveyance Intelligence

Standard Surface Indicators

Voltage and Current readouts to indicate tractor load.

Advanced Diagnostics

RT SRO of Head & Tail tension/compression readings (Tractor Load), accelerometer data, electronics temperature, head voltage.

Multi Diagnostics

Real-time surface read out of tool string sensors to support sophisticated drive operation, in-well adjustments and automated pre-preprogrammed run sequences.


3rd Party Tool Integration

Logging While Tractoring

A robust signaling provision for 3rd party logging tools - real time uplink and down link data transfer with tractor powered.

Integrated Downhole Tooling

Simultaneous streaming of conveyance tool and logging tool data.  

Conveyance Safety

Release System ART/MRT

Surface controlled release device in event of stuck toolstring. Can run multiple devices in single string.

Release Sub System RSS

As ART but with fail-safe release even if cable communication is lost, with back up battery supply.

Voltage Protection Module

A surface controlled “electrical switch” that provides an additional level of safety when conveying perforating guns or other ballistic devices with the PowerTrac systems.


Tandem Tractor

Combining two tractor configurations in the tool string, operated intermittently, to negotiate well profiles that cannot be passed by a single tractor. 


Orientation Sub
Switching Sub
Instrument Dynamic Control

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