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The Academy of Well Intervention
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Academy of Well Intervention

About Us

Recognised as a centre of excellence, the Academy of Well Intervention is a state-of-the-art training and test facility located in Forus, Stavanger. Courses are delivered in the most realistic training environment and the facilities provide the ideal location for us and our clients to test and develop well intervention technology. 

Our Facilities

Our impressive facilities include a 28-metre high intervention rig tower and two wells (40m and 390m). This provides the ideal environment for practical training and testing of tools and equipment. 

IWCF Courses
Introduction Courses
Wire & Cable Deployment Courses

Training and Development

Trainee Programmes

We are proud of our trainee programme and the achievements of our trainees who have developed their careers with Altus. Our programme provides candidates with an understanding of the Oil & Gas industry through classroom and hands-on experience using Altus Intervention processes and equipment.

Internal Training & Development

To ensure we provide the highest level of service to our clients, we are committed to ensuring we have a skilled workforce and we continually invest in their training and development. 

Research & Development

R&D Innovation Centres

Research, development and innovation are core to our business and new technologies are continually tested and developed at our global centres of expertise.

Rapid Response Engineering

We offer rapid repsonse engineering solutions, to solve our client’s challenges and reach production targets quickly and safely.

World Class Training & Testing Facilities