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Our licence to operate

At Altus Intervention, we operate to a common high standard across all 4 regions with respect to Quality, Health, Safety and the Environment; we define this as our ‘Licence to Operate’, which underpins our QHSE programme. That is, for us to both operate with minimal impact and succeed as a business, we recognise that we must do so in a safe, efficient and socially-aware manner.

Our Policy on Stop Work Authority

Every employee and contractor working for and on behalf of Altus Intervention has the authority and responsibility to stop work when an unsafe condition or act could result in an undesirable event. Stop Work Authority shall be exercised without repercussions and with the support of Altus Intervention management.

We All Make A Difference

We have a professional and respected mindset, welldefined processes and have established a culture that takes pride in ‘the way we do things around here’.
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