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For decades well intervention services have played a key role extending the life of producing wells by improving performance or providing access to stranded or additional hydrocarbon reserves.

At Altus Intervention we have worked directly with oil companies for 40 years evolving our delivery models, service scopes and technologies, often in the most challenging of environments. During this time we have seen well intervention strategies become a core discipline for operators to improve returns and of course address the many unforeseen issues that can arise in well performance.

As a mature and challenging basin the North Sea has in many respects been a trail blazer in setting standards for new techniques and technologies as operators have established sustained and managed intervention campaigns. With our heritage proudly developed in this basin we have since expanded internationally and today solve intervention challenges across the world – from Deepwater Gulf of Mexico and the North American shale plays to deviated well in the Middle East and offshore intervention in Malaysia. 

Intervention activity can range from drill pipe conveyed activity and coiled tubing unit workovers to lighter weight  solutions conveyed on slick line or E-Line cables. In recent years the advances in E-Line conveyed solutions have been material with tractor technology providing greater reach, power and control.  E-line conveyed mechanical applications for down hole operations are also now advanced and delivering many benefits over conventional methods in critical areas such as wellbore clean out. Supporting all this, well diagnostic and logging technologies continue to give greater downhole understanding and verification. Well intervention is not only growing - it is getting smarter.  

The growing portfolio of techniques and solutions bring real optionality to the operators. At Altus our unprecedented experience helps turn that optionality into value

Åge Landro, CEO


The global subsea well intervention market is now receiving significant attention and focus from operators and service providers.    The strong and sustained growth in operational subsea wells is a core driver of activity as the market for intervening in subsea wells from vessels, to maximise production in the same way as is readily achieved with fixed platform and onshore wells, develops.

Norwegian and other North Sea operators began a focus on this some 15-20 years ago with new Light Weight Intervention and riserless techniques and technologies bringing sustained success since. At Altus we have  delivered over 2000 operations from vessels not only in the North Sea but also globally.    

Integrating the service scopes has become a key competency with flexible spreads of equipment mobilised in well planned and engineered packages.  This is complemented with multi-disciplined crews brought together to ensure enhanced performance in a focussed team that optimises the "personnel on board" footprint. 

The results of this model can be staggering with savings of up to 40% on baseline scopes. The integrated approach and experience in vessel delivered intervention is now also playing a key role in advancing solutions for a growing P&A market.  A focus on overall project costs and operating efficiency demands experience and expertise to reduce risk and deliver sustainable savings. Our capabilities talk directly to these challenges.


We have the experience, technologies and techniques like no other, enabling us to work smarter, adapting and delivering real change operationally and commercially.