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Well intervention has become a critical feature of initiating, maintaining, extending and even abandoning profitable oil and gas assets.  The economics of successful operations on land, offshore platforms and subsea wells are a proven and attractive activity for asset owners particularly given the current industry pressures.  But the solutions can be a challenge and involve complex, large and heavy duty equipment spreads.   

Specialist crews, platform down time, the use of workover rigs and specialist vessels can make for a substantial investment.   Delivery, experience and thereby convention play a big part in decision making, but smarter more innovative solutions have an increasing place in driving success.

At Altus Intervention we have worked across the full spectrum of intervention methods in the worlds harshest environments for 40 years.   

The potential for light-weight technologies to not only complement conventional methods but out-perform larger, more complex equipment spreads is clear to us.  For this reason these technologies not only represents a core part of our offering today but a substantial part of our R&D commitment going forward.


  • Light footprint
  • Minimised crew size
  • Fast rigging and turnaround
  • Rapidly expanding capabilities
  • Instrumented tool strings for precise and verified downhole operations
  • Multipurpose toolstrings
  • Remote operations 

Coiled tubing, in addition to slickline have and will continue to represent a go to solution for many interventions. But depending on the physical characteristics of the well and the nature of the challenge, we see huge potential for E-Line conveyed technologies. To achieve success with lower cost, quicker results and less topside disruption. The results are impressive.

Frankie Calder, VP Logging & Well Intervention Technology UK & WA


Today we provide a comprehensive suite of proprietary technologies delivering proven solutions for e-line deployed tractor conveyance, wellbore cleanout, completion manipulation, and well access and isolation. 

This journey began in 1996 when we first developed our first well tractor conveyance technology to offer greater options in extended reach wells.  Today we have a dedicated in house engineering team of 30 in purpose built facilities in Stavanger, Norway and Houston Texas. 

Our product development programs target solutions to our clients largest service optimisation challenges. All development activities are governed by a defined architectonic framework and managed under a staged development process regime. In addition, we have an organisational unit undertaking rapid response activities, featuring  quick operational response, adapting existing technologies to solve clients bespoke challenges on an ad hoc basis. 


We have ground breaking capabilities in the field today. But coupled with that we have an advanced next generation platform that will rapidly extend the potential for well intervention also transform delivery of other services.


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