Our journey to a sustainable tomorrow

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Sustainability as a core business principle

As the world embraces the need to transition towards a cleaner, more sustainable way of life, we recognise that we have our own part to play in this journey. At Altus we have embedded sustainability as a core business principle in full alignment with our strategic agendas towards transformation and performance. This combination is fundamental in our pursuit of Making Intervention Smarter.

Åge Landro, CEO,

In it together

We have a strong culture that believes we can all make a difference and during the pandemic we all came together to protect our employees and communities, to support our customers and partners and to advance our strategy to Make Intervention Smarter.


Our transformation programme is adapting to and embracing the industry’s transition to lower emissions and greater efficiency. We have been working hard over the last 6 years to transform the way we operate as a business leading with technology and helping our customers to deliver smarter and more efficient well intervention solutions.

Our people

Our people have always been central to what we achieve, and we strive to offer an inclusive workplace that promotes integrity and equality, prioritises health and wellbeing, and offers new opportunities to advance and develop skills. We work in a high-hazard industry with some of the most demanding requirements –operating to the highest safety standards is not optional, it’s our Licence to Operate.

Our planet

Our industry is changing fast with energy transition and the decarbonisation of the way we and our customers operate, now in sharp focus. We are focussed on not only fulfilling our own internal obligations to affect change; but also how we can contribute to enabling our customers to reduce their emissions.


We are committed to conducting business with integrity, building trust among all our stakeholders, including customers, partners, employees and their families, shareholders, local communities in which we operate, and global society in general, is vital for our future success.

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