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Employees spend a large proportion of their day to day life in the workplace, spending hours doing physical tasks or spending long periods of time behind a computer and sitting at a desk. So as an employer, we have a responsibility to educate our employees of the benefits to healthy eating, appropriate physical activities and positive mental wellbeing.

Last month we welcomed Nutrition & Fitness Expert - Scott Baptie to our office in Aberdeen. Scott is the owner and founder of Food For Fitness. His talk focused on how we can live healthier and make better choices with healthy eating and fitness. It was exactly what we needed to kickstart January after enjoying all the festive celebrations! Employees were also offered the opportunity to have a private consultation with Scott discuss any health and nutrition issues they had.

Scott’s visit is part of an initiative set up by our employee-led All 4 Altus committee. I was invited to join the committee when it launched last year in our Aberdeen office, and our aim is to organize activities that will help our employees to be more aware and motivated around life decisions to increase their own and other's health and wellbeing. Due to its success, other Altus locations are showing interest in adopting the same initiative

Our activities focus on the four pillars of wellbeing:

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The four pillars of wellbeing

Wellbeing is no longer simply about physical fitness and good health. Our mental health and financial fitness also factor into our everyday experiences at work, all leading to a healthier, more successful employee and business. This is why we felt it was important to train members of our committee to be Mental Health First Aiders. We want Altus to be a place where employees feel comfortable talking about their mental health. It's great that we now have a team of Mental Health First Aiders who are on hand to help people get the support they need.

Over the coming months, we'll continue to raise awareness and promote wellbeing through a variety of activities for our employees. Look out for more news on this on The Altus Way.

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