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Our way puts people at the heart of the solution

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The well intervention landscape is transforming and oil and gas operators are looking for a smart, innovative service that will respond quickly, solve problems and deliver operational success. This level of service demands a multi-disciplined and experienced workforce.

To achieve this, we have invested in a world-class training and competency system that places people at the heart of the solution.

All technical roles at Altus have a clear job description with a training and competency matrix. This is regularly updated and reviewed to keep up to date with new technology and new procedures. It is also audited by our clients. There are three parts to this matrix:

Training Competency Triangle


Training Courses and course assessments are recorded, audited and demonstrate our employees understating of the subject.


Job performance & assessment records are required for each job an employee completes and this demonstrates to our clients how experienced our crew is.


Competence logbooks gather evidence of the tasks performed daily and are assessed and verified.

Our Training & Competency matrix is integrated across our entire organisation, it is a core part of our culture – no matter the role, you never stop learning.

Why do we do all this?

  • It delivers success for us, our people and our clients and ensures each job is carried out to the highest standard in safety, quality and environment.
  • It allows the best people to be matched to the right job.
  • It allows our people to develop their knowledge and advance their career.
  • It creates a proactive and innovative culture by adding operational value.

People are Altus’ greatest asset. Our people take pride in their job. They care. It’s in their culture. It’s The Altus Way.

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