With almost 40 years’ experience in technology and innovation, the two market leaders in well intervention, Qinterra Technologies and Altus Intervention, were unified as one brand in September 2017.

Historically we have operated as one organisation, across four regions but with two external brands.  The Altus Intervention brand will unify and highlight our combined experience, techniques and technologies.

There will be no change in management, staff or office locations, and we will continue to provide the same unrivalled service on which we have built our reputation and success. Although some locations will see physical name and logo changes, our current operating model and the services we deliver will remain as is.


One of the biggest changes you will notice is our new website. The strategy behind the website is taking something complex and making it simpler. By structuring our capabilities and our client's challenges you can access all our products, services, technologies and experience.

We have also created a comprehensive resources section where you can navigate your way through all our collaterals, including spec sheets, case studies and videos, giving you a full overview of our 40 years well intervention experience — making intervention smarter.

We are excited about our new digital platform and believe this will allow us to show how we can support you and present ourselves in a more accessible and informative way across all four regions.

By marketing our services under one powerful brand with a long history of success around the world, we will have an even greater marketplace impact and become a much stronger company.

Our purpose with the new combined website is an improved and simplified user experience on all platforms, as well as making it locally aware for all regions.

Peter N. Keilen - Vice President of Marketing and Communications
User Focus
User Focus
Local Aware
Local Aware
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